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"I've been getting regular massage for over 20 years, and as a high-level athlete, I have high standards for massage. Andrea not only meets those standards, but often exceeds them. She is attentive, experienced and really understands the needs of the athlete. I give her my highest recommendation." - Dario Fredrick

"Andrea knows her stuff. The massage she offers is not one of those "woo-woo" spa relaxation experiences--it's the real deal. She pushes the toxins out of the muscles, releases the fascia, aligns the bones, and lets you know what you should work on in between sessions. I started seeing Andrea three years ago because my neck would periodically freeze up after too many stressful hours in front of the computer. It hasn't happened again! I go as often as I can!" - Indi Young

"Andrea is fantastic.  To me she is the best in Marin for sports massages.  She has a lot of experience working with endurance athletes.  I highly recommend her especially if you are prepping for an event." - Jeff Tse

"Andrea is the best masseuse ever.  She is strong and consistent.  I have been going to Andrea on a regular basis for over three years.  She is always accomodating to my scheduling needs.  She is knowledgeable about every muscle in the human body and finds knots in muscles you didn't know you had.  Andrea is dedicated to meeting your needs and is always "in tune".  Most importantly, she is a nice person...generous and respectful." - Corey S.

"Awesome, awesome, awesome!  My wife and I have been getting monthly massages from Andrea for about 3 years now.  It is our wellness program and whenever I get a massage from someone else, it reminds me how great Andrea is.  Couldn't recommend her highly enough - do yourself a favor and get a massage from her."" - Rich Weingart

"Andrea is awesome at what she does. I am a foodserver and love how she focuses on whatever my body might need from week to week. With how hard I am on myself physically, I truly rely on bodywork to prevent me from experiencing the back/shoulder/hip/wrist pain that is otherwise the norm in this industry. She keeps me moving! Thank you!! It is so worth it!" - Mary Goyer

"I’ve had many CMTs, but Andrea is the best. She works hard to iron out my frame. A+” - James Allen 

“Actually found things I didn’t know hurt. Relaxed and toned every single pain. Superb!!! Among the best ever.” - Jay Salam 

“Andrea has just the touch I like in a great massage. She really tunes in any problem areas and has the experience to bring relief. Also, it is very relaxing and I feel great afterwards.” - Victoria Smith 

“Comfort and trust are necessary qualities that Andrea has. Professional atmosphere. Kind and pleasant person to be around. I think I will be her client for life.” - Link Allen 

“I would gladly have Andrea everyday! She said that’s too much, but I could certainly use her once a week! What a wonderful experience.” - Patty Salam 

“I have had many massages, many places all over the world over the past number of years. So I can say with confidence that Andrea is an exceptional bodyworker/massage therapist. I could not recommend her more highly. She brings mind, body and spirit to her work, leaving her client dazed, happy and totally relaxed by the end of each session.” – Gail Harris